Our Technologies

The core of our business is our unique ability to combine various technologies together to create technology synergy for the benefit of our consumers, partners and investors. The following list contains those core technologies used throughout our business model.

 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software

We have selected Aptean to provide our ERP solutions. This decision is based on their commitment to specialized food and beverage. We know that our operation is complex and intricate because we will constantly adapt to changing trends, product developments, evolving regulations, traceability concerns, food safety management—among our almost endless list of operational challenges. With so much at stake, a generic ERP just won’t cut it. Instead, we decided to utilize a tailored food and beverage ERP from a provider that knows our industry inside out. With a tailored solution, we will be able to unlock automation, increase efficiency, enhance visibility and maximize performance in our operation so that we can deliver quality food and meet customer demand easily.

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We will use blockchain technology as a means to create and maintain food data ledgers to provide food traceability that will allow our customers to simply scan a barcode on our packaging to view the history of any product.


We will use traceability technology to permit our consumers to scan a QR code on our packaging to see the entire growing history on the food they have selected. The data will be kept secure within blockchain.


We will employ the use of robot pickers for our greenhouse operations to maximize the optimum harvest parameters to provide our customers with the highest quality tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers and peppers based on our picking requirements executed by AI (Artificial Intelligence) requirements determined by our buyers.

CHP (Combined Heat to Power)

We will use CHP or Combined Heat to Power to power our entire farm complex, or both the warehouse and the greenhouse operations. CHP systems can provide heat, cooling, and electricity to greenhouses, cutting energy costs and reducing emissions. CHP units can also support CO2 fertilization, a common method for inducing plant growth.

Anaerobic Digestion

Anaerobic digestion is a process in sewage treatment designed to reduce the volume of sewage sludge and make it suitable for subsequent use. More recently, technology has been developed that allows the treatment and reduction of other organic waste, such as food, cardboard and horticultural waste. We have decided to use the Ecotone Renewable solution to allow us to convert our plant waste to liquid fertilizer and create a closed-loop growing system for all our plants.