Our Growing Systems

To have a true assortment of adaptable systems for all regions and their conditions, we have decided to use the best systems available so that we can better adapt to our customer needs and demands. These systems will be made available to our micro-farm franchise owners as well as within our hub operations.


The SANANBIO Uplift System provides an unmanned dense growing system that can produce as much as 6 to 8 tons of produce daily.

Alpha Aqua

Alpha Aqua will provide us with a modular approach to growing both Shrimp and Salmon which will provide local seafood and maximum profit back to our investors.

To see information about Alpha Aqua you can visit them at: https://www.alpha-aqua.com/

o see the video of the Alpha Aqua system go to: https://youtu.be/PxKP2yKng2A

Vertical Farm Systems

Vertical Farm Systems provide an automated vertical system for industrial buildings with 20 feet ceilings while providing for low labor costs.

New Growing System (NGS)

The New Growing System will provide us with a great way to grow vine plants within greenhouses:

- strawberries
- cucumbers
- tomatoes
- cucumbers


The SANANBIO Radix System provides a dense growing system with no ceiling height restriction that can be used in our hub and franchise farm operations.

Nelson & Pade Systems

Nelson & Pade Systems will provide our franchise units an assortment of different sized systems to permit them to easily fit into residential areas while driving profit to their bottom lines.